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FAQ Clinical Trials

Does The Memory Clinic treat patients who do not participate in clinical trials?

Yes – our primary goal is to provide outstanding care to our patients. In some cases this level of care can be best provided by participating in a clinical trial, in other cases, it is best provided by standard medications.

Who decides whether a patient participates in a clinical trial?

The patient and his or her family and companions make the decision. When we discuss treatment options with a patient and caregiver, we discuss both standard treatments and participation in clinical trials. We provide the risks and benefits of each treatment including what the trial involves, what the patient might gain by the treatment, and what side effects they could experience.

Is everyone eligible for a clinical trial?

No – each trial has certain requirements for participation that we carefully review with the patient and caregiver.

Are patients who participate in clinical trials treated differently than patients who do not?

No – We provide the same level of outstanding care to all patients of The Memory Clinic.

If a patient is participating in a clinical trial, what happens when that trial ends?

Patients and their families continue to be treated by The Memory Clinic. At the conclusion of a trial, some patients choose to then take standard medications; others decide to enter another clinical trial.

If a patient is participating in a clinical trial, can they change their mind before the trial is complete?

Yes – participation in clinical trials is completely voluntary. Patients and their families have no obligation to complete the clinical trial and may withdraw from the trial at anytime simply by telling us that they no longer wish to participate. Patients’ continuing care at The Memory Clinic will in no way be affected.  You then have the option of either taking standard medication or entering another trial.

Who sponsors the clinical trials?

Many different groups sponsor clinical trials. Some of the trials at The Memory Clinic are sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through grants to the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS). The ADCS is a group approximately 60 highly selected clinics throughout the United States who work together to develop and evaluate new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Other trials are sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies who have new drugs they wish to evaluate.

Is there a charge for participating in clinical trials?

No – during the time a patient is enrolled in a clinical trial, neither they nor their insurance carrier is billed for any trial related procedures or medications.

Is there any compensation for participating in clinical trials?

There is no compensation for participating, but in some trials there may be reimbursement for certain expenses.

Can patients stay on their current medications if they enter a clinical trial?

In most clinical trials, patients stay on their current medications for Alzheimer’s disease (Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne, Namenda).

Should you have any questions or concerns, we would be pleased to discuss them with you.