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Information About Clinical Trials for Patients and Caregivers

Our primary goal is to provide outstanding care to our patients and their families. In some cases, the optimal level of care can be provided by participating in a clinical trial; in other cases, it is best provided by using standard medications.

Participating in Clinical Research Programs

Patients and their families who come to The Memory Clinic often tell us that they choose our clinic because we have access to new medications that are not available by prescription. These medications are available in clinical trials. We offer the opportunity for our patients to participate in clinical research trials because we believe these medications can be beneficial. About half of our patients have participated in a clinical trial at some time during their treatment at the clinic. The other half of patients who come to the clinic do not participate in clinical trials either because they are not eligible or because they do not wish to do so. Both patients who participate or do not participate in clinical trials receive the same care and commitment from the staff of The Memory Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Trials [4]